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Green Leaf : Professional Editing

Whether you have just finished your first manuscript or you have written many books, every literary endeavor deserves a professionally polished touch. PipStones promises excellence in editing and reviewing all suggestions and changes with you, the author. We create a workable, professional connection to help produce an amazing product of what you envision for your book.

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Green Leaf Editing Plans

Editing is one of the most important processes for your book's success!

At PipStones, we have many different avenues for your editing needs.

Let's begin our journey together! 

Copy Editing:

  • Punctuation, Grammar, Spelling, Word Choice

Line Editing:

  • Copy Editing

  • Sentence Structure, Paragraphing

Professional Editing:

  • Copy Editing

  • Line Editing 

  • Developmental Editing: Tone, Point of View, Enhancing Detailed Writing, Plot Holes, Character Development

Proof Reading:

  • You've had your work already edited and you want another eye on it. Proof reading is a very important aspect that views and fixes all the details using an eagle eye.

Manuscript Evaluation: 

  • This is for those who need a special look at their manuscript

  • Overview of manuscript

  • Strengths of manuscript

  • Suggestions in improving details to enhance your writing skills

  • Suggestions in improving technicalities 

  • Other items that the author needs reviewed


Give us a call or an email and let's discuss your manuscript/books!

We'd love to work with you!

Prices Vary Per Project- Call For A Free Quote!

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