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How We Began


In 2018 we began our venture as a mother-daughter company to publish the writings of Deborah Hoffman (the mother). From when Debby actually wrote her first full book in 2010, much had changed over time in the publishing arena. She sought out many avenues for publishing, only to be discouraged by parts of the industry. Amazingly, self-publishing began to take off around 2015. The old ways of traditional publishing or throwing a ton of money out the door to make a book successful were gone.  We decided that it was a great time to start something new (PipStones) and help her books become a success.


As a result, we found that actually we worked quite well together and were acquiring a plethora of knowledge and experience. From the beginning we agreed that we wanted to create a vision of helping other authors achieve book success.


So, that is where we are at today. We have an amazing clientele of authors and great connections with many publishing avenues.

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Our mission is to edit, publish, and market unique and refreshing works from a variety of authors and genres; to present and highlight their literary endeavors in an everchanging marketplace.  


Our vision is to help author's works soar to the top of the marketing/publishing industries. We believe that authors should have the freedom to continue writing instead of spending time figuring out how to publish and market their works. All authors should have the same traction in the self-publishing industry that authors do in traditional publishing.

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