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Your Success Begins With Us


About Us

Weavers of Tales
Tellers of Truth

We are a mother-daughter company founded in 2018. We provide author services for the self-publishing and marketing industries.


Where does the name

PipStones come from? 

A pip is a seed. It's the beginning of growth and the start of something fresh and new.

Then there's the stones. They are solid foundations that are dependable

and sturdy. 

We believe books must have a solid foundation in order to grow

into success.

 TaDa- PipStones!  





Our Services

Book & author marketing

Needing some help marketing your book? PipStones believes authors should have the freedom to write instead of spending time researching "How to market my books." 


Not sure where to go

or what to do with

your manuscript?

Give us a call, an email, or chat with us!

We are here to help!


We work with you

to produce a professionally

polished book!

Our Affiliates

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Our Work

PipStones works extensively with you, the author, to create a specially designed system that is effective. We provide you with the proper materials and tools to maintain long-lasting traction for your literary endeavors. No author is too old, too young, or inexperienced to be successful! PipStones will walk you through every step in fine detail until you've got it! 


"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant."

Robert Lewis Stevenson

Ready to start your journey?

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